The London Art World Series.

Every artist has a passion, and every lover will meet their match in this compelling contemporary romance series. Set in the exciting and cosmopolitan epicentre of the art world, this page-turning series will tease your senses, delight your sense of adventure, and make you fall in love, again and again. But don't take my word for it! Come and see for yourself…

Lulu Fairhazel - The Photographer's Assistant

1 - The Photographer's Assistant

When final year art student Hanna Dunne lands a prestigious internship with nude photographer Ren Goldsteen, she only has one thing on her mind - graduating.

Ren goes through interns faster than film canisters and it's not just because of his impeccably high standards; his penchant for nudes extends well beyond his famed photographs. Hanna can't deny Ren's sexy, but she's determined to try rather than risk jeopardising her degree. Until he makes her an offer she can't refuse…pose for him, and he'll put her in charge of his upcoming show.

As the show nears, promising to be a wild success, and Ren and Hanna grow ever closer, she can't shake the feeling that she's not seeing the whole picture…is everything about to come crashing down around her?

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Lulu Fairhazel - The Sculptor's Model

2 - The Sculptor's Model

Beatrice Carpenter needs a male model, like, yesterday. If she loses out on this exhibition opportunity she might never become the world-famous artist she's always dreamed of. She'd find it a hell of a lot easier to concentrate if the construction workers next door would just stop drilling!

Mac can't stand the hot-headed woman who keeps complaining about the noise. But when she offers him money to model for him he realises she might just be the solution to all his problems.

But up close and (very) personal in Bea's studio, neither of them can quite keep what's happening between them strictly business. As their self-control becomes as slippery as the clay under her fingers, Bea has to work harder than ever to leave her desire outside the studio door. Will she have to choose between her heart and the opportunity of a lifetime?

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Lulu Fairhazel is a romance writer based in Dublin, Ireland. Originally from London, U.K., Lulu came over to Dublin in 2002 and never left! After falling in love with the city, she now writes about London and takes inspiration for her books in the London Art World Series from her time as a gallery owner. When she's not writing about love and relationships, you can find her taking care of her two cats and hopping over to London for quick visits to her second-favourite city. If you want to ask Lulu anything about her books, what your favourite reads are or just have a question about romance writing, please do!
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